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Tuesday, February 5, 2019 12:53 AM
Opening Times

Coronavirus: Federal government measures

The Federal Council is easing the measures in place. From 11 May, classroom teaching may again take place in primary and lower secondary schools. Shops, markets, museums, libraries and restaurants may also reopen under strict compliance with precautionary measures.

Open or permitted - From 11 May:
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Classroom teaching of up to 5 people, including the teacher (upper secondary schools, higher education and other educational institutions [driving school, language schools])
  • Exams at educational institutions
  • Shops and markets
  • Travel agencies
  • Museums, libraries, archives (excl. reading rooms)
  • Recreational sports activities not involving physical contact by individuals and in groups of up to 5 people (including coach, trainer or supervisor), incl. use of sports facilities as long as precautionary measures are in place and observed
  • Training sessions for competitive athletes who are members of a national squad, or who train as individuals or in groups of up to 5 people (including coach, trainer or supervisor), or as part of a regular competitive team (competitive and top level sport). Appropriate precautionary measures are in place and observed
  • Training involving physical contact by team members, playing in a predominantly professional league (competitive and top level sport). These must follow strict hygiene rules as part of a set of precautionary measures
  • Visits to restaurants, bars and pubs under the following conditions: individual groups of guests consist of no more than 4 people or families with children; customers are seated to consume food and beverages; a set of precautionary measures is in place and can be adhered to

Open or permitted - Since 27 April:
  • Personal services involving physical contact such as hairdressers and beauty salons
  • Self-service facilities such as car washes, solariums and pick-your-own fields
  • Medical and dental practices
  • Physiotherapy and massage practices
  • All procedures at hospitals and other medical institutions
  • DIY stores, garden centres and florists
Warning! Opening times may vary this week. Please, try to reach your local shop before traveling!
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Opening Hours (1st Jan to 31st Dec)

09:00 to 19:30
09:00 to 19:30
09:00 to 19:30
09:00 to 19:30
09:00 to 21:00
09:00 to 18:00
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